Six to Read

Last year, I had a small group of children who were fixated on genres – one week they wanted to read mystery books; the next, something emotional. One of my reluctant readers became deeply interested in picture books, and another girl loved stories told in verse, such as Cloudbusting or Love That Dog.

We are well stocked at school, but I sometimes didn’t have the right book to hand, or, on other occasions, the time to sit and talk through a range of books based on the genre they’d asked for. For a couple of the children, I quickly wrote out a ‘six books to read’ reference for a couple of genres – adventure/mystery, humour, and poetry.


I thought this might be a useful resource for my class coming up next year, so have tried to improve it a little.

Six To Read is a quick reference guide, and is therefore by no means definitive. It has largely been based on:

a) what I know about the children I have in my class next year

b) books I’ve read myself (with a couple of exceptions)

c) books I know we have in school (I don’t see the value in a child asking me about a book then me sending them away empty-handed).

The complete list is available to download here as a PDF, but I’m more than happy to send over the editable version if anyone wants to change it to suit their class and book knowledge.

The current lists (should) have working QR code links to extracts (from the excellent lovereading4kids site), reviews, trailers and the like, or alternatively a simple blurb. I’m thinking of either printing these as A3 posters, or binding them together in some sort of book for the classroom.

I’m thinking there are lots of different avenues that could be explored too, such as a list for wordless picture books, sports-themed stories, auto/biographies, myths and legends, graphic novels… or even more specific, such as dragons or wolves. This is largely for Y5/6 children so if anyone wants to make a Y3/4 one, that would be great too.

That’s it. Enjoy.

Click to download the full set.


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One thought on “Six to Read

  1. Christina Reid August 6, 2018 at 9:13 am Reply

    This is great – thank you for this! I am teaching in Year 3 so might look into making a Year3/4 one. I am also in the process of revamping the library so resources like this are fantastic 🙂

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