Google Cardboard 

This week our school was visited by the Google Expedition team to showcase their new app, which works best with (but can work without) Google Cardboard. 

All you need is a smartphone or iPod touch with the app (free to download) and the Google Cardboard viewers which are available on eBay for around a fiver. 

The staff get to grips

Once every one is on the same Wifi network, all you need to do is become a ‘leader’, while your children would select the option of ‘explorers’. From here, you can take the children on a wide range of virtual tours – we swiftly passed through the Amazon, the Pacific, the Antarctic and Rio de Janeiro. Each scene comes with a selection of notes, almost as a script, that can be used to share information with the children. Click on a hotspot and an arrow appears, directing children to an area you want them to focus on. 

That’s it. It is really simple, appears to be cost-effective – it is also possible to print your own viewers and buy only lenses – and it is a wonderful way to show children parts of the world in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. There are obvious links to a range of topics, but we are especially looking forward to using it to develop writing. 

You can sign up for your own Google Expedition experience here; it’s no hassle to organise and the children (and adults) found it fascinating. The potential here is huge – dive in. 

Read more from our school website here



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