Making the world smaller

On Tuesday 12th November, our school are holding an ICT Day – or should that be Computing, or Digital Studies?

I’m aiming to have Digital Leaders running small workshops, photography sessions, music making and blogging. Can you help?

Some of our classes haven’t really taken off with blogging in the 6 months that they’ve had them. Staff changes, fear of technology, timetable demands…there are many reasons, but the fact is that some of our staff children don’t understand how the world can be made smaller through the power of blogging.

So, can you please help?

Below is a form to ‘sign up’ for some form of blogging interaction on the 12th.

Commenting – simple, easy to manage, much appreciated. Any blogging teacher knows of the excitement a new flag can create!

Live Writing – I’ve not used CoverItLive before but am going to give it a go, I have seen it used successfully. There is also a similar option called Rumble Talk. The writing itself can be on whatever suits!

Questionnaires – filling in questionnaires for the children would help them gain meaningful data for Maths or topic.

Skype (topic) – our topics are as follows – FS2 – Celebrations Around the World; KS1 – Great Fire of London; LKS2 – Space; UKS2 – British Culture since 1945 (music, fashion, dance etc.). A shared discussion, or if anyone knows of any experts, would be brilliant.

Mystery Skype – explained in this blog post


Any other suggestions warmly welcomed!

Thank you for your help…I will repay you somehow.


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One thought on “Making the world smaller

  1. Sway Grantham (@SwayGrantham) October 19, 2013 at 10:50 pm Reply

    I will help out if I can, I haven’t filled out the form as not sure what/how but let me know 🙂 it can either be with children or just with me at lunchtime!

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