Picasa – A blogger’s best friend

Using photographs in blog posts is something that all of my children have wanted to do. We have used Photopeach, Flickr and Google advanced search in order to add more detail to posts. A few weeks ago, I used Picasa for the first time – now I’m annoyed I didn’t use it from day one.

Firstly, all of our children have their own Gmail accounts, and as Picasa is a Google add-on, it is really easy to log-in to share and organise photographs. Below is an example of how easy it is to share with groups or individuals, so long as you have set up groups within your emails.



It is easy to secure the privacy of each album, just as you would with a document in Google Apps. The padlocked albums are private (I have set them to me only) while the globe symbolises a public album. It is necessary to have this setting if you want to embed photos into your blog.




Once your album has been created, and settings are correct, then you are able to embed photographs individually by clicking on the right hand menu. It is also possible to embed the album as a whole. Alternatively, you can create a simple slideshow just as you would in Photopeach, complete with captions. Here is an example from our school blog.



Finally, Picasa acts as an editing tool as well, allowing users to adjust colours, add text, apply filters and insert stickers. For those of you familiar with apps like Skitch, this is just the same.


I just wish I had explored this earlier in the year so that my class could have added their own photographs from school trips or classroom activities with ease. Photopeach still enables this but we have had issues with it in school, while Flickr has been a bit of a pain to manage.

Picasa does raise its own safety concerns – for example, viewers can follow your slideshows/pictures to find all of your images, therefore it is vital that children secure their albums appropriately. This aspect of e-safety should be taught when introducing blogs at the start of the year, so I’m hoping Picasa will be a tool that is used regularly and safely.


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