The beginning…

I am a 28 year
old teacher in a year 4 class, halfway through my third year of
teaching. I am currently leader of ICT and PE, and am
lucky enough to be afforded time out of the classroom to help
improve the school, the children’s opportunities and my own
practise. I am excited. I am
behind the times, but I am excited nevertheless. Our school has
been afforded the opportunity to take part in pilot headed by
Google, whereby our children are able to use Chromebooks to help facilitate and
support their learning. More of that later. Of more immediacy is my
excitement about blogging in primary schools. Our school has a
website, but not a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which most
primaries, and almost all secondaries, are now au fait
with. So in ICT terms, we are positively stone-age.
I recently visited a good friend who teaches not too far away from
me, and her school is very much on the ball with regards to ICT.
Her children have been blogging since September, and the enthusiasm
that this has generated has spread way beyond simply typing in
comments for the sake of it. The whole school are now blogging for
one another, for their parents and teachers and for a global
audience through the magic of Quadblogging . The children
immediately have a purpose in everything they do. My
friend described the effect that blogging has had on her
higher ability children as they strive to meet challenges set by
staff (and those who leave comments). Reluctant writers can work
co-operatively with children and teachers from around the world,
while the whole class is excited about who is going to comment, and
where they come from. Each class has a blog, and even the
headteacher posts on outstanding achievement alongside the use of
pictures, videos and her own personal blog. Much more rewarding
than a certificate and a sticker, surely? We have not set up our
blog/s yet, but it is definitely something that is going to happen.
Without a hint of irony, I have been inspired myself to blog the
progress we make. I have made contact with lots of other schools,
teachers and bloggers via Twitter, and they are all so positive
about what blogging has to offer that I am impatient to start. It
is only the beginning…


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2 thoughts on “The beginning…

  1. neil May 3, 2012 at 9:49 pm Reply

    Hi, Just found your blog via your tweet and found it interesting as I am in a similar position to you. I am a male primary school teacher and in my second year of teaching. I just left my current school, which was in special measures and sadly the head was not supportive, so I am now supplying and looking for a new job. Similarly I have also been using my free time to start a new blog about primary PE and outdoor adventure activities at I’m still a bloggin novice, but I’ve read blogs for a few years and done a lot of research. As a new visitor the main thing I noticed was that you need an RSS subscription button at the top of your blog. Also for some reason I couldn’t add your blog to google reader. I suggest you set up your feed via, so that you can monitor how many people are following. I’m very interested in integrating ICT in the classroom and I look forward to reading about your google experience. I don’t know which blogs you follow but Richard Byrne’s blog is the authority on all things in google education

    • inthetwelve May 3, 2012 at 9:57 pm Reply

      Thanks Neil, that’s great. I will look into the RSS subscription asap – thank you. I will follow Richard Byrne too, I’ve been following Ian Addison a lot and he also has some great advice on both Google and general ICT issues/developments. I’ll check out your blog too – I am a PE geek as well!

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